Peter Vercaeren

Dr. Peter Vercaeren

Vascular surgeon

Peter Vercaeren studied at the Catholic University of Leuven where he graduated magna cum laude as a doctor in Medicine, Obstetrics and Surgery in 1992. Afterwards he specialised in General Surgery at the University Hospitals of Leuven, followed an extensive vascular training in England (Vascular Surgery Department of the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital), and at the Vascular Surgery Department in Venlo in the Netherlands, and started his practice in 1998. Since October 2015 he is also working in the multidisciplinary group surgery Ganzenkuil in Malle.

Peter Vercaeren has a broad experience in the treatment of all vascular problems which he will mainly treat in an endovascular way, preferably under local anaesthesia, and with the most modern catheterisation techniques. The blood vessel problems are approached and treated from within. As a result, you hardly have any scars and almost any treatment can be carried out under local anaesthesia, which only increases the comfort of the patient and makes the risk of surgery virtually non-existent.