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Excel V+ Laser

The very latest Excel V+ laser was launched in the United States at the end of February 2019 and it is the first in Belgium to be available for your treatments in our practice!

The latest generation of laser technology for treating blood vessel injuries and benign pigment injuries is now used as standard for all previously offered laser treatments. Treatment indications are more extensive. The treatment results exceed those that were already very good with our Excel V laser.

A safe and effective treatment for vascular and benign skin conditions

Excel V+ Coolview

With the CoolviewTM application, the new Excel V+ laser provides unrivalled power, precision and performance to safely and efficiently treat the most challenging vascular and pigment injuries as never seen before.

We offer you the possibility to treat numerous diseases of blood vessels such as unsightly veins on the face, legs and other parts of your body with the latest laser equipment during the consultation. Moreover, with the most advanced technology, a wide variety of benign pigment disorders, acne, and signs of skin ageing or sun damage in men and women with every skin tone can be treated safely and effectively.


Excel V+ Genesis: the key to the best-kept beauty secret

In addition, with the Genesis VTM application, the Excel V+ laser offers the possibility of treating fine lines, fine wrinkles, wide pores, diffuse redness and scars with non-invasive laser technology safely, naturally and efficiently. There will be a marked improvement in active acne and the scars of acne will fade discernibly.

By stimulating collagen production due to the laser, you will simultaneously rejuvenate the skin by treating the stipulated indications. You will already see an improvement after each treatment. The treatment can be executed in a comfortable way, without the use of gel or local anaesthesia.

Patients who have undergone treatment report excellent results in the entire face and neck area. Recent scars on other parts of the body will also diminish with this laser treatment. Older scars will show no change. Treatment of diffuse redness with the Genesis VTM application renders you a normal appearance again by correcting this redness, without the side-effects that you temporarily experience with the CoolviewTM.

You feel a gentle warming of the skin, which is experienced as a relaxation. You can resume all your activities immediately, using a protective sunscreen when you are outside in the sun.

The only side-effect when treated with Genesis VTM is a slight redness that disappears spontaneously after a few hours. There is no swelling.

You must remove all make-up or moisturising creams before the treatment commences. After four to six treatments, treatment with the Genesis VTM application will render the optimum result: Your skin will have a youthful shine and healthy appearance. The improvement after each treatment is subtle; the overall effect of multiple treatments is spectacular!

Indications for Excel V+ treatment

  • spiders or spider veins
  • facial erythrosis
  • rosacea
  • diffuse redness
  • facial veins, periorbital veins
  • veins on limbs
  • angioma
  • port-wine stains
  • poikiloderma
  • wrinkles
  • venous malformations
  • bruises (ecchymosis) after surgery or trauma
  • inflammatory acne and acne scars
  • benign skin pigmentation
  • brown age spots
  • scars

How does it work?

Excel V+, the laser system we use in our practice, treats vascular disorders with a unique, powerful, green laser that is absorbed by the abnormal blood vessels in the skin. The laser heats the abnormal vessels so that the vessel walls contract and coagulate. After some time, the vessels are no longer visible. Several treatments may be required to achieve the desired result.

After the treatment, the existing veins have largely or completely disappeared. However, the development of new veins cannot be prevented. If your body has an underlying vascular problem, you may need further treatments. Get in contact with Dr. Vercaeren for more information.

Before & after

Results achieved with the laser treatment


“Christina had the diffuse redness and broken capillaries on her face treated with the Excel V. These signs of sun damage appeared when she turned 50, and although they were easy to hide under makeup, Christina didn't want to wear foundation from the moment she got up until the end of the day.

This was Christina's first laser treatment, so she was not looking forward to it. She was pleasantly surprised by the experience. The laser pulses of Excel V felt like little pricks and were easily tolerated. The whole treatment took less than 30 minutes. Just after the treatment her face was a little red, but the next day the broken capillaries and diffuse redness disappeared.

She was surprised by the effectiveness of the treatment. From morning to evening, her skin is now clear with an even complexion - even after a glass of wine or a spicy meal. And what's more, she no longer needs a foundation or concealer! “


This testimony comes from the brochure with information for patients about laser therapy (general). You can download this here. Specific information for patients with vascular therapy can be downloaded here .


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